• Procore

    Senior Software Engineer

  • HOVER Inc.

    Senior Software Engineer

    Maintain a React Native app for generating models from photos of a house. My day-to-day focuses on maintaining and improving the DX of the codebase: upgrading dependencies, maintaining our CI pipelines and working on shaping the high-level architecture of the app to make testing and maintenance easier.

  • CJ Affiliate (a subsidiary of Publicis Groupe)

    Senior Software Engineer

    Maintained key systems for CJ’s affiliate marketing clients, developing features that led to key clients renewing contracts worth approximately 10% of our revenue:

    First, CJ’s situational commissioning solution, enabling our clients to optimize their affiliate spend by targeting classes of users more precisely. (Scala, Oracle)

    Second, CJ’s Insights platform, a real-time analytics platform for our clients, enabling them to analyze a variety of metrics according to an arbitrary set of dimensions. (Kafka, Elastisearch, ClickHouse, Clojure)

  • Summe LLC

    Software Engineer

    Worked to produce a theme for an e-commerce site (Apache, Drupal, Sass) and implemented a set of deployment scripts to facilitate deployment to Amazon's cloud services (EC2, RDS, S3). implemented and themed a new e-commerce platform (Nginx, Symfony2, Sass). Work on AtomAMPD's AtomOS router operating system.

  • , NCMI, Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, TX

    Python Programmer

    Helped to Design and implement a web front end to EMEN2, a custom document-oriented database (Twisted, Mako Templates, Berkeley DB). Implemented Berkeley DB transactional storage for EMEN2.

  • , Desktop Assistance, L.P., Houston, TX

    IT Assistant

    Assisted software development team in deploying enterprise software on Linux: installed and configured Linux desktops and servers; configured networking and remote access; installed and configured development tools, relational databases (Firebird), HTTP servers (Apache), and other enterprise software; solved software build problems (compiling Firebird UDFs on Linux; compiling Delphi applications in Kylix and FreePascal); and wrote Python scripts for maintenance.

Personal Projects